About Amanda

Amanda’s unique work reflects the contemporary, casual and colour filled lifestyle of the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Queensland..
Born and raised in South Africa, Amanda developed a love for art
as far back as she can remember. 

Inspired by light, movement, surprising colour combinations, and textures, her goal is to infuse
these elements and form abstract, impression style compositions. No matter the subject, she strives to portray a balance of realism combined with loose painterly abstraction, causing one to compliment the other.
Amanda’s work on large canvases are vibrant and textured using a combination of acrylics, ink washes and oils creating layer upon layer . From her whimsical birds and animals, abstract florals, ocean pools and Australian landscapes to her compositions of beautiful bowls, fruit, and kitchen finery, Amanda’s work captures light and form in a breathtaking manner.
Her dedication to observing nature is displayed in the way she approaches her diverse subjects “When one is in touch with nature no season passes unnoticed”, says Amanda.
Amanda comes from a family of creatives . She started as a graphic designer, moving on to floristry and then taught art classes. This brings to her work a discipline and lifelikeness that is often hard to find in the work of contemporary painters. Attention to detail, composition, interesting layers and textures and an eye for colour have made her work highly prized, being represented in private collections throughout South-east Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia. Amanda is now a successfully published artist overseas and welcomes collaborations with companies in Australia and abroad.
Amanda’s work caters to the corporate and domestic market attracting renovators, home decorators and designers. Amanda’s work is highly sought after and due to demand she now paints on a full time basis.
“I have always immersed myself in the exploration of flora and fauna . My days are spent in my studio where I allow my heart and imagination to guide me. I pinch myself every single day that this is now how I enjoy my time . I am grateful to the collectors who invest in my paintings; your engagement with and response to my art delights me.”
It is the warmth the paintings bring to people’s homes and lives that attracts buyers.


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