Commissions welcome

Commissions welcome

August 03, 2019

About this Curation

The ultimate in custom art! Have you fallen in love with a piece that's already or sold even just the wrong size? Don't worry, all hope is not lost - why not commission a piece that's perfect for you! Many of Bluethumb's top artists often take commissions and love the challenge of creating a unique artwork for a specific collector. Get involved in the creative process with images of the painting in progress and the opportunity to have a say in how the final painting will look.
Commissioning an artwork allows you to collect works that will perfectly fit your individual style and space. If you love an artists' style but they haven't yet painted the subject you want, you can just send a photo across and they can paint that for you. Often our collectors have a specific location close to their heart that they want captured - so why not get your beloved beach, house or mountain captured by your favourite artist's brush?

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